Yamaha Music School Mackay - Profile
Yamaha Music School Mackay was established in 1990. Each year the school has grown considerably, and now in its ninth year, has a very large following of young students whose parents are genuinely interested in their child's musical education.

The school offers examination from the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB), Trinity College London and Yamaha Grade Examinations, Tokyo, Japan Syllabuses. We are also very proud to have many winners and finalists of competitions and eisteddfodau learning at our school.

Our students are frequently called upon to entertain at local venues, giving them invaluable hands-on experience in the performance field. Our school also has private studios catering for instruments such as: Piano, Electronic Organ, Keyboard, Guitar, Violin and Drums.

Teaching Staff - 1999
Alison Green ATCL, AYMF (Principal)

Electronic Organ & Piano

Kelvin Nairn

Electronic Organ & Piano

Ken Sanders


Alan Mackenzie


Bruce Coombs


Yamaha Music School Mackay - The Yamaha Method
The Yamaha system of music education commenced in Japan in 1954, as the result of years of extensive research involving top musicians, educators, child psychologists and paediatricians from around the world.

The Yamaha Foundation (YMF) began in Australia in 1970 and today more than 7,000 students are actively involved in classes. A number of advanced students have been invited to perform their original compositions in Japan.

The Method - Since children stimulate each other in a group situation, we provide this environment for our classes. We maintain interest through a variety of musical games and activities. All music educators agree that the musical education of children should begin at around 4 years of age.

Young children learn more quickly through listening at this age than at any other time of their life.

The Yamaha Method is primarily concerned with developng the overall musical skills of children and is not simply a keyboard method. The musical elements of rhythm, harmony, song, dance, ensembles and solo work are all presented in their simplest form.

We train children to:-

Hear what they sing and play;
Play what they hear and sing;
Sing and play what they read;
Write what they hear, sing and play.

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