Yamaha 100 Series Instruments

Starting out right!

Parents and teachers like to see children participate in music.

Mastering an instrument is an excellent way for a child to build self-confidence and to gain a sense of achievement. And a band brings children into the mainstream of school activities. It teaches them discipline and co-operation, as well as creative expression.

Wind instruments are an especially good way to get started in music. That's because children experience the joy and satisfaction of generating the sounds - the music - entirely by themselves. To do that, they must have quality instruments. And that's why they should start out on brass and woodwind instruments from Yamaha - the industry leader!

Yamaha has introduced more people to the joy of musical performance than any other company in the music industry!

Students and teachers have many reasons for starting out on Yamaha instruments.

Intonation, for one thing. Instruments should foster a feel for correct pitch. Young musicians play more by feel than by sound. So, their instruments need to encourage a good feel for intonation. Notes ought to centre cleanly and steer the students naturally to proper pitch. Like fitting into a groove.

Yamaha's research and development programmes have yielded continuing improvements in intonation, which have enhanced the accuracy and reliability of the Yamaha instruments used by artists in many of the world's finest orchestras. Those same improvements optimize intonation with the world's best-selling range of instruments for students and community bands.

Good response - another good reason

Young players soon become frustrated if they cannot produce sounds easily on their instruments. Yamaha's 100 series models - like all student-line instruments from Yamaha - respond quickly and with free, easy blowing. These instruments help ensure that early musical experiences are as fun and rewarding as they can and should be.

Affordability and durability

These are chief considerations in outfitting a young ensemble or band. In the 100 Series, Yamaha is offering fine instruments at prices unprecedented for models of this quality. Yamaha can do this because of unequalled strengths in production technology.

These instruments are all the more economical because of their superior construction and durability. With proper maintenance, the brass and woodwind instruments of the 100 Series will provide years of musical enjoyment. They are built to withstand youthful handling.

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