Brass Maintenance
Woodwind Maintenance


At Yamaha Music School Mackay we teach the fundamentals of instrument care and maintenance. The use of these specially developed maintenance products will extend the life of your brass or woodwind instrument, and makes for a more enjoyable music experience.


Frequent Maintenance

Polishing Cloth, Silver Cloth and/or Silicon Cloth should be used to clean the surface of your instrument after every use.

Valve Oil is especially formulated to give piston valves fast, smooth action.

Rotor Oil helps prevent corrosion and reduces friction for smooth, rotary valve operation. Lever Oil and Rotor Spindle Oil ensure a noiseless mechanism..

Polishing Gauze (Size L) wrapped around a cleaning rod removes dirt and moisture from trombone slides.

Slide Cream should be applied to the stockings of a trombone's inner slides. then a Water Spray used for smooth action and airtight seal.


Occasional Maintenance


Slide Grease and Tuning Slide Oil create an airtight seal and prevent sticking of tuning slides.

Mouthpiece Brushes clean the interior of brass mouthpieces. S for trumpets, cornets, French horns, and other brass with small mouthpieces, L for trombones, tubas, and other large brass.

Polishes restore the lustre to instrument finishes; Lacquer Polish, Silver Polish, and Metal Polish (for nickel-plated or un-plated surfaces).

Tone Hole Cleaners are ideal to clean out the waterkey holes of brass instruments.

Cleaning Rods and Gauze should be used to clean the interiors of slides, valve casings, and other straight tubing. Oil Grease Cleaner removes excess oil which can trap dirt.

Flexible Cleaners have a brush on the end of plastic-coated flexible wire for cleaning hard-to-reach tubing and crooks. Brass Soap is a neutral detergent specifically developed for cleaning inside brass instruments.


Frequent Maintenance


Polishing Gauze, Polishing/Silicon/Silver Cloth should be used to clean the surface of your instrument after every use.

Cork Grease facilitates attaching joints, prolongs cork life, and maintains air seal. It is available in both hard and soft types.

Swathed in Polishing Gauze, Cleaning Rods remove dirt and moisture from the inside of flutes and piccolos. They have a depth mark for visual headjoint adjustment.

Cleaning Swabs should be used to remove dirt and moisture from inside the instrument after every use.

Cleaning Paper lengthens the life of pads by removing any oil, dirt, and moisture. Powder Paper (applied after using Cleaning Paper) helps maintain smooth action and prevents sticking.


Occasional Maintenance


Tone Hole Cleaners are ideal for cleaning the insides of toneholes and cleaning difficult-to-reach areas between the key mechanisms.

Polish restores the lustre to instrument finishes. Lacquer Polish, Silver Polish, or Metal Polish (for nickel-plated or un-plated surfaces) should be applied with Polishing Gauze.

A Bocal Brush and Bocal Swab are available for cleaning the insides of bassoon bocals. A special Sax Cleaner Set includes a plastic covered flexible wire brush for cleaning inside saxophone necks.

Key Oil maintains smooth noiseless operation of key mechanisms. Bore Oil helps preserve the natural characteristics of the inner bore of wood instruments.


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