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Do You have a Musical Problem?

Our Qualified Teachers and Technicians are here to help. Please feel free to ask us about Guitars, Amplifiers, Keyboards, Digital Pianos, Violins, Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Midi, Computer Music, Recording, CD Duplication, Sound Systems, Microphones and Electronic Organs.

So . . . why should four-year-olds begin to study music?

Children's aural ability develops rapidly during the early years. How often has your child used a word or a phrase that you had no idea he had heard you say?

At Yamaha, we want to have the opportunity to work with your child during this crucial stage of aural development. Through guided singing, playing and listening activities, children of this age begin to develop a surprisingly deep and advanced aural sense for music.

How do children learn at the Yamaha Music School Mackay?

We teach children the basics of music - a sense of rhythm, melody and harmony - in the most natural way . . . a way which is not only appropriate developmentally, but which is great fun!

Through group lessons, students enjoy learning music with their friends and parents. Parental involvement and peer interaction help a child reach his full potential musically.

It is our privilege to work with our students towards this goal.

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